Skiing Fred
Skiing Fred
Skiing Fred
Skiing Fred
Skiing Fred

Skiing Fred


Dedalord, the same company that brought you Running Fred and Super Falling Fred
Has produced a snowy, chaotic sports game called Skiing Fred!
In this game from the Fred series, Fred takes to the slopes for some fun in the snow.
As you snowboard your way across a hilly landscape,
be on the lookout for traps that the Grimmy Reaper has set up for Fred.
Earn additional points when you perilously glide by penguins,
meteors, and other objects in Skiing Fred on Ubg9.
To keep Fred skiing in style, unlock new equipment.
Skiing Fred is a fun game with a variety of levels and game types for everyone.

How to play Skiing Fred

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Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play