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 Neon Biker

Neon Biker


Platform gameplay and motorcycle stunt driving are combined in the aggressive and entertaining game Neon Biker.
Each level requires you to maneuver your bike via a series of acrobatics, leaps, and tricks.
When you leap, hold down the left click mouse button to execute amazing flips while accelerating with the left click mouse button.
Carefully time your acceleration while attempting to avoid crashing.
If you flip too much, your bike will be ruined and you'll land awkwardly.
You may buy a variety of spectacular motorcycles, ranging from a simple scooter to an enormous super bike, using the gems you acquire.
The aesthetics are basic yet nice, and the gameplay is entertaining and tough.
Take to the track right now with your Neon Biker!

How to play Neon Biker?

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Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play